About Me

Welcome to my blog. The overall concept of my super awesome blog will be information involving a freshman Chemistry class at Centre College. I’ll start off by introducing myself – my name is Cameron Mader, and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I moved into my extremely tiny dorm room, in Danville, Kentucky about a week ago. And so far, I miss my dog, I miss my friends, I miss my parents, and of course I miss home cooked meals. The homesickness that every freshman goes through has set in.

Back in Louisville I lived in the middle of town – about 20 minutes from anywhere I could ever want to go; the mall, a thousand restaurants, the YUM Center, the fair grounds, the walking bridge. A McDonald’s was one minute away. So, living here in Danville is a huge change for me. When people say they’re going out to eat here, it’s more than likely Guady’s or Applebees. From what I’ve seen, there is not a mall – and the closest thing is a strip mall with about 8 stores in it. But this isn’t bad, it’s just different. I’m going through a period of adjustment.

Back in Louisville, I attended cheerleading practice three days a week, and cheered for my high school’s basketball and football teams on Fridays. I took my dog on walks, an went out to eat with my parents every Thursday night. Back in Louisville, I hung out with my favorite group of friends daily. Even though it’s different here in the small town of Danville, so far, I really like it. As you can see from the title of this blog post, I should be talking ‘About Me’, and most of all I’ve talked about is Centre. But right now, the only thing I can think about is school. I live at school, I eat at school, I work out at school, I even shower at school. Starting a new life, in a new place, at a new school takes a lot out of you, so that’s all the ‘About Me’ I can think of.